Welcome to Espain Arma3 Servers



We have to claim mission first at the chat and then at the map, bouth in side chanel whit your name.

PVE Server

This is a PVE serve, kill or steal to another player is not allout, server is protected by Infistar and will bann the player, any problem, contact the administrator.

Virtual garage.

We recomend to use the virtual garage, will not load much the server and never will be lost, also all you left in the virtual inventory will disappear, but no the normal vehicle inventory.The server is not responsible for lost vehicles that are outside the virtual garage.


Don´t left any vehicles into the safe are in the trade, once server reboot vehicle will appear unlock, and any player is able to sale it.


Flags will expired at 15 days, we recomend to paid the flag the day before last one as maximum, last day flag will desappear.


Server will reboot every 4 hours, the last 30 min you can ear the alarm, also at 15 min, 10 min, 5 min, we recomend to disconect before last 5 mint, server can don´t record nothing afther that time, and we not responsable for the lost.

thanks to play us.

Server Admin Team.